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Filmmaker Behind Blue Sox Documentary Now Working on Roebling Suspension Bridge Film

A new documentary about the Roebling Suspension Bridge is on the way -- but could use some help from you.

Filmmaker Cam Miller, whose Our True Blues - a documentary about Covington's foray into major league baseball with the Blue Sox - premiered earlier this year, is the man behind the bridge movie, too.

Miller writes:

During a break in the research phase of my doc Our True Blues: The Story of the Covington Blue Sox, I sat on a bench at the river bank with a cup of coffee, gazing at the steel wire and brick monument. I wondered how such an amazing work of art could have been erected at such an uneasy time in our American history. I thought of how difficult the project must have been for Mr. Roebling. How did they pay for it? Who were the key players and what was their story? What was it like on December 1, 1866 when those first citizens boldly walked across the 1,057 foot span?

I knew there was an interesting story to be told. A story that is important not only for today, but for the future of our river cities. 

The Suspension Bridge between Covington and Cincinnati was designed by John A. Roebling who would later use it as the prototype for his Brooklyn Bridge.

Miller is seeking to raise $1,500 for the project. If you can chip in -- and there are perks for those who do -- visit the IndieGoGo page.

Meanwhile, the Roebling Suspension Bridge is also featured in a new book about the ten greatest suspension bridges in America.

-Staff report

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