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Let's Roll: Election Day is Here & Here's What to Look For


Months of debates, forums, phone calls, passing out stickers, shaking hands at festivals, political ads on TV... it all ends today.

Election Day has arrived.

The polls in Kentucky opened at 6 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.

Where to get the results from Kenton & Campbell Counties? At The River City News of course! Editor & Publisher Michael Monks will be joined by author, lawyer, and political columnist Rick Robinson and Fort Thomas Matters Editor & Publisher Mark Collier for a LIVE online broadcast as the results start to roll in. Log on to RCN before 5:30 p.m., click the uStream link that we'll provide on the homepage, and we promise to deliver the fastest results for the local races.

Speaking of which, what should you be looking for?

Well, a Kentucky race has dominated the national political conversation and naturally we here in the area have spent a lot of time talking about it, too. The battle between Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes culminated in a statewide blitz by the two on Monday. McConnell appeared in Hebron and Grimes stopped in Newport as they each hit all corners of Kentucky. Polls show a McConnell lead widening, but the only poll that really matters is today. 

Locally, Campbell County has the marquee races. The Judge-Executive's race between incumbent Steve Pendery (R) and challenger Ken Rechtin (D), a longtime county commissioner), has been competitive. All three other seats at the Fiscal Court are also in challenging battles.

The open State Senate race between Democrat Jason Steffen and Republican Wil Schroder, and the campaign between incumbent State Rep. Joe Fischer (R) and challenger Shae Hornback (D) could have been ramifications downstate.

Meanwhile, at the city level, the mayoral and council races in Dayton and Bellevue are ones to watch.

The bitter race between Dayton Mayor Ken Rankle and Councilman Virgil Boruske and the twelve-member field of candidates for city council in that River City should be close. 

Bellevue Mayor Ed Riehl is also being challenged by a member of city council, Carol Rich, and the make-up of the six-member council will also likely be quite different after today.

On the western side of the Licking River, the Covington City Commission race features all four incumbents and four challengers working hard to unseat them. What combination of the eight candidates will take office in January? 

Across the county, there are hard-fought mayoral campaigns being waged in Ft. Mitchell, Independence, Erlanger, and lots of city council seats are up for grabs. County races feature challenges for the Clerk, PVA, and Sheriff's jobs.

The fastest results around from all the races in Kenton & Campbell Counties will be found right here at The River City News. We'll see you at 5:30!

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