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How Did Northern Kentucky Kids Vote in Tuesday's Election?

On Election Day in Northern Kentucky, nearly 4,500 young people voted in a mock election at a Kids Voting booth next to their parents. The results? Pretty much the same as the adults.

Kids Voting Northern Kentucky is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization teaching young people the importance of voting and helping them develop the habit. In addition to the future voters who went to cast their ballots at precincts with their parents, about 200 students volunteered at the polls to assemble ballot boxes, work the polls and count the ballots.

Kids were able to cast votes on the Senate and 4th District Congressional races. They also had a chance to weigh in on three topics: should the government be allowed to read our emails, should foreign language classes be mandatory and should ads be allowed on buses.
The results:
In the U.S. Senate race, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell defeated Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes by 2,665 to 1,771, and in the 4th District Congressional race, incumbent Republican Thomas Massie defeated Peter Newberry by 2,596 to 1,420.
On the question of government officials reading emails, 2,707 voted ‘no’ to 1,739 voting ‘yes.’ Mandatory foreign language education also lost, but by a smaller margin of 2,521 to 1,890. The kids voting refused bus advertisements by the widest margin of 2,859 voting ‘no’ to 1,489 voting ‘yes.’
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