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This Renowned Enrichment Program Moves from NKU to Covington

The ExploreMore program has moved from Northern Kentucky University to Covington Latin School.

ExploreMore, for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade, and Leaders Lauchpad, for students in grades six through eight, offers a broad range of enrichment courses designed for bright and enthusiastic students in a learning environment where creativity and critical thinking meet – encouraging youth to discover hidden talents, explore new extracurricular interests and deepen existing ones.

"We are excited to offer the ExploreMore and Leaders LaunchPad programs to gifted and talented students throughout the region,” said Kimberly Clayton-Code, Director of Enrichment Programs at Covington Latin School. “We place particular emphasis on critical thinking, independent learning and challenging interactive activities to provide the skill sets needed for tomorrow’s leaders.” 

From science and mathematics to the visual and performing arts, students will have the opportunity to explore an ever-changing array of topics through a hands-on, minds-on approach – in a learning atmosphere filled with like-minded and similarly engaged peers. 
“ExploreMore has an outstanding reputation for providing enrichment activities that are both fun and engaging for students," said Mo Woltering, Headmaster of Covington Latin School. "ExploreMore and Covington Latin share a deep commitment to cultivating the next generation of leaders and we are thrilled to have the opportunity."
The spring program will take place on Saturdays (March 7 - March 28 from 9-11:30 a.m.). Course selection includes Rollercoaster Physics, Video Game Design, Explore Engineering, Artistic Technique and Grossology, among others.
-Staff report (photo provided by Covington Latin)
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