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Group Plans Rally for Woman Killed by Deputy, Urges Supporters to Be Prepared to Use Video

The 19-year old Covington woman shot and killed when leaving a party in Boone County will be remembered during a rally on Saturday.

A Facebook group known as Awakened Cincinnatians, whose logo uses the "anarchy" A and Reds "C", is hosting the event on Saturday at 2 p.m. on Mall Road near the Florence Mall.

Samantha Ramsey was shot to death in April by Boone County Sheriff's Deputy Tyler Brockman. The deputy reported that Ramsey attempted to run him over. Last week, a Boone County Grand Jury declined to indict Brockman and a toxicology report showed that Ramsey was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

Awakened Cincinnatians asks supporters to "bring your signs and love" and to be "respectful to the family".

The group also posted this to the Facebook event:

OK folks, there is discussion of a police presence at this event. We have done many events, including multiple John Crawford events in Beavercreek. In our experience, the police avoid these events. However, to be on the safe side, we must make this announcement:

BRING ALL RECORDING DEVICES YOU CAN. Video, audio and cameras. The presence of hundreds of cameras is the ability to maintain order against possible police threats. You may hear from many of the law officers and their supporters that video is illegal. That is a lie and they understand that as well. Make sure your batteries are charged...

As of this writing, nearly 400 people have indicated that they will attend.

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