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A $1 Million Check for Bellevue Will Help this Road

Frankfort just sent Bellevue a check to the tune $1 million, for resurfacing and long­needed drainage repairs to Lincoln Rd.
State Representative Dennis Keene (D­Dayton) presented the check to Bellevue Mayor Ed Riehl and City Council at Wednesday night’s council meeting at the Callahan Community Center.
“We’ve been eagerly awaiting (these repairs) for many years,” Riehl said. Lincoln Rd., between Ward Ave. and Wilson Ridge, is in serious need of drainage improvements before the street itself can be repaired.
The $1 million grant for the repair project was first announced as part of Kentucky House Bill 237, passed this spring, which awarded over $5 billion for road projects across the Commonwealth.
"(Keene) has been great to work with on this project,” Riehl added, as he and the legislator posed with a check for a photo.
City staff will be working with Sanitation District 1 to get started on the storm water management upgrades that need to be done before the street can be repaired and resurfaced.
-Story & photo by Pat LaFleur, RCN contributor
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