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Ludlow's Council Looks Forward to Next Term, City Prepares to Enforce New Parking Rule

LUDLOW - The City approved eliminating the need to pass a new ordinance every tine it wants to make a change to the city's parking regulations. The move was recommended by Public Works Director John Knuf during the last Council meeting.

Maintenance and repairs to the roof of the Ludlow Fire Station on Oak Street have been completed. City Council approved $56,000 on August 14 for work and repairs to the building's windows.

Council members Josh Boone, Bill Mullins and Tom Amann all thanked the residents of Ludlow for voting the trio back for another term and each expressed enthusiasm for working with the newly elected council members Dan Ashcraft, Michelle Cartwright, and Bill Whiteley who will take their positions in 2015. Mr. Ashcraft attended the meeting and said he was there to learn about the meetings and also said he was thankful and anxious to start.

City administration was surprised by the number of residents that paid their fees for a city parking sticker for the parked vehicles of Ludlow residents. The city began collecting the fees of $20 per year on November 3 and Ludlow police will begin enforcing the stickers on December 16.

“We have a plan in place,” Ludlow Police Chief Steve Jarvis said when asked if his staff is prepared to begin enforcement.

Vehicles parked regularly within Ludlow city limits that do not have a city sticker in its windshield will be issued a $30 citation.

-Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

Photo: Ludlow

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