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With Memories of Growing Up in Crowded Newport Home, Rawe Gives Back Again

Roger Rawe’s starkest memories of growing up in a family of 12 children in Newport’s East Row Historic District aren’t of crowded bedrooms, waiting in line for the bathroom or hand-me-down clothes.
Instead, Rawe vividly recalls being thankful for the lessons of gratitude, sharing, and charity his parents – Albert and Anna Rawe - instilled in their extended brood.
“When I think about growing up in the house at Seventh and Linden, I think about grateful and how lucky we were to have grown up with those parents in that neighborhood,” Rawe said. “It was an experience that taught us all so much about sharing and giving back to those in the community who were less fortunate that us."
“The Lord gave us a large family for a reason – so we could do more to make a difference collectively,” he said.
The Rawe family’s benevolence was once again bestowed on the Northern Kentucky Children’s Advocacy Center (NKYCAC) in Florence.
For the third year in a row, the Albert S. and Anna L. Rawe Family Foundation made a $7,500 gift to NKYCAC earlier this month. The funds will be used to continue to provide trauma mental health services for children of abuse. 
“We are so grateful once again to the Rawe family for this very important and special gift,” said NKYCAC Executive Director Vickie Henderson. “Providing mental health support to children after the horrors they have endured from abuse is an essential part of the healing process.
“The Rawe Family Foundation understands how important it is for children and families to have access to trauma informed mental health services as they begin their journey of healing and rebuilding their childhood,” Henderson said.
“Being an abused child or a non-offending family member of an abused child has to be a haunting experience,” Rawe said. “We were blessed to have loving and caring parents and grandparents as we grew up in a safe and nurturing environment. We appreciate that our upbringing was a gift and along with the size of our family, we have an opportunity to utilize that gift and work with others to make a difference in our community.”
Rawe and his eleven siblings launched the foundation named for their parents four years ago and have raised and contributed $77,000. In addition to NKYCAC, the Brighton Center and the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home Center for Children and Families have received donations.
Held each year at Hickory Sticks Golf Club in Campbell County, the outing is the major fund-raiser for the foundation. Last year a sand volleyball tournament was added. 
“We decided early on that we wanted to make sure the next generation was involved in the foundation,” Rawe said. “More of the younger family members play volleyball instead of golf. And it went great. At this year volleyball tournament we saw a lot of faces we have seen before, so it’s going to help sustain the foundation.” 
The golf outing raises between $12,000 and $13,000 each year, while the volleyball tournament brought in another $2,000 to $2,500.
“This gift is making a real difference to children and their families,” Henderson said. “We have already seen evidence that the Rawe Family Foundation’s contributions to NKYCAC are helping children.”
Albert Rawe passed away in 2001. Anna Rawe died in 2012, just three days before the first golf outing. “They aren’t with us, but their spirit and the lessons they passed on to their children lives on,” Rawe said. “We are making sure of that.”
-Staff report
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