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Secret Philanthropy Group Hands Out Latest Round of Grants to Covington Projects

The group known as CovingTen, or COV10, is made up of some anonymous do-gooders who accept grant proposals and then write checks each quarter to help projects in the city. The latest round of funds were announced, the fourth such giveaway in 2014. Below, a member of the secret group recaps the year and announces the new winners.
COV10 is the "Fight Club" of philanthropy consisting of a group of ten anonymous, civic minded individuals that fund projects of, for and in Covington. Proposals are solicited four times a year with up to $3,000 awarded each quarter. The only stipulation is that the projects must occur in Covington.  
This started as a social experiment, one person sending out a kind-of crazy anonymous note to other folks: "would you be interested in joining a group and committing $100 a month to fund projects in Covington?".
Of course there was a lot of skepticism. "Who are you?" was the typical response. But we got a group of ten that were interested. These individuals love the Cov and have spent many years in the trenches of community projects and want to continue their involvement, but increasing family and professional obligations decreases the amount of time and energy these individuals can commit. COV10 allows us, as individuals, to pool money we're already donating to have a larger impact on our community and encourage those with ideas and energy to continue to improve our community. We are grateful to Adams, Stepner, Woltermann, Dusing for providing legal assistance and the Center for Great Neighborhoods for hosting our project.
We're very pleased with the scope and number of projects we've been able to assist with in our first year. We enthusiastically support the level of engagement and love the community of Covington has and look forward continuing next year.
Provided $500 for The Awesome Collective's One Damn Bad Oyster Party celebrating William Goebel in Goebel Park. Being mortally wounded by an assassins bullet, his famous last words were purported to have been, "Doc, that was one damn bad oyster" (his last meal consisted of oysters). The party was a huge success involving many local vendors serving oysters and beverages, and attracting many people from outside of Covington on a very cold night in February.
We received eighteen proposals and selected two for funding. We donated $2,200 to Renaissance Covington to assist in the installation of electric at Madlot for lighting and stage. The lights provide twinkling atmosphere during evening events. The power is now easily obtained for music and performance events at the temporary stage. The venue has been used many times in its first year, including the opening party, Art Off Pike, Movie Night and others. We also donated $800 for the creation and installation of a bronze plaque commemorating the Covington Blue Sox - a local baseball franchise in the early century.  The plate is in production and scheduled to be installed by the end of 2014.
We received twelve proposals and selected two for funding.  We donated $1,600 to Cov200 for the creation of selfie murals throughout the city.  At the end of 2014, three murals have been created for the project. We also donated $1,500 to Grow the Cov for the purchase as installation of fencing and material for an urban garden in Orchard Park. This project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2014 but will continue into the future.
We received six proposals and selected three for funding. We donated $1,500 for the purchase and installation of four chandeliers at Goebel Park shelters. We also donated $1,000 to purchase and installed two heaters at Renaissance Covington's popup shops at 801 Madison.  Finally, we donated $500 to Keep Your Shirts On Covington to vaccinate and spay forty cats through the Kenton County Animal Shelter and the Ohio Alley Cat Resource and Spay/Neuter Clinic.

-Staff report

Photo: 801 Madison Ave. via Renaissance Covington

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