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State Board Makes Decision About Covington Strip Club's Liquor License

The Commonwealth of Kentucky's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has returned its decision regarding the liquor license of Liberty Show Lounge in Covington.

In April, the Covington Police testified in a hearing at City Hall that Liberty was the site of prostitution, a claim that owner Kim Foran and her attorney Harry Hellings dismissed as untrue. The City of Covington's zoning administrator Andy Juengling decided to revoke Foran's liquor license days later.

Foran and Hellings appealed to the state and a hearing was held in September in Frankfort where much of the same salacious testimony about masturbation and oral sex was offered by members of the police department.

The state board released its decision on Monday. 

Liberty will have its local ABC licenses suspended from opening time on December 9 to opening time on December 12The Board also ordered two separate 22-day suspensions (one for each violation), but Foran will be allowed to pay $1,100.00 per suspension and then she’s allowed to keep her licenses for those periods. That amount is $2,200.00 total.

The Board also ordered two separate 25-day suspensions (one for each violation), but these are both probated on condition of no further violations of the same ordinances for 2 years.

Assistant City Solicitor Bryce Rhodes said that the city is reviewing the decision before making its own determination about an appeal.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher
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Photo: Liberty Show Lounge/RCN file