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Who Helps Santa Respond to Christmas Letters? Kenton County Parks Staff

It is pretty hard to ignore the fact that Christmas is coming.
If children are in the house, they have probably been bombarded with tv commercials for the season’s hottest toys for at least a month now, and a walk through any store only serves to underline the excitement that every child feels knowing that Santa is going to come and bring them exactly what they ask for.
So how does Santa know what each child wants?
The tried and true method is to write to him, and the Kenton County Parks department has once again provided parents with a fairly painless way to accomplish communication with the big guy in the red suit.
“All you have to do is write a letter to Santa and mail it by December 8 at any of the three Kenton County Public Libraries or either of the Kenton County courthouses,” said Steve TraugerRecreation Programs Director for the Kenton County Parks. “No postage is necessary. Then keep checking your mailbox for a return letter from Santa.”
The deadline of December 8 is necessary so that Trauger and his team of elves can manage the tremendous amount of mail and send it to Santa’s workshop so that he can read the letters and respond to each of them personally. The letters go to over 1500 households.
“Even though Santa knows where each child lives, the post office has to have addresses, so it is very important to make sure the name and complete address is correct and legible,” explained Trauger. “Each child at the same address will receive a different letter from Santa at home, so this is important.”
To make the program even more of a win/win situation, right beside each mailbox is a barrel to collect non­perishable food items and personal care items to go to Senior Services of Northern Kentucky.
“Our goal this year is to collect 2500 letters and 2500 donated items,” Trauger stated.
“This is a pretty big deal because everyone thinks of children at Christmas, but not everyone thinks about our seniors. It is the season for giving, and a wonderful opportunity to set an example for the kids.”
Providing postage for 2,500 letters is substantial, and Trauger said the Parks Department thanks Jude’s Custom Exhaust Auto Repair and Towing in Independence for their support, and encourages more people to help by calling Trauger at 859-­525-­PLAY.
Patrick Tucker, of Ludlow, has written his letter to Santa and mailed it at one of the mailboxes for years. At the ripe age of nine he still writes to make sure all the bases are covered.
“I like being able to mail my letter at the library,” he said. “I like being at the library anyway, so I don’t have to go to a special place. It’s easier that way.”
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: Patrick Tucker, 9, of Ludlow, mails his letter at the Erlanger Library/RCN
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