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Ludlow Schools in Good Financial Shape as Renovations Continue

Rob Ford, a representative from Barnes and Dennig Accounting, visited the Ludlow School Board Thursday night to give a report on an independent audit from his company.
“We had excellent cooperation,” Ford said. “We didn’t find any audit adjustments.”
The overall result of the audit was that the school district is in very good shape, with a carry-over from last year of over $1 million. The board was glad to approve the audit report.
Ehmet Hayes also came to the meeting to report on the progress of the district’s renovation. He told the board about the guard railing for a set of outside stairs that he had negotiated with the company to get the price down to $5000, a reduction of 25 percent. The board voted to amend work order number 3 to accommodate the price of the guard rail.
Hayes also explained the addition of blacktop and a plaque at the stadium, as well as some conduit and a credit for seed and straw that brought down the price of the project by almost $1,500. The board then approved an adjustment in work order number 2.
The board discussed the evaluation method for the position of Superintendent. Michael Borchers has been superintendent of Ludlow schools for three and a half years, but he told the board of the seven standards which has been set up to evaluate how he has done in his job. The standards are strategic leadership, instructional leadership, Cultural leadership, human resource leadership, managerial leadership, collaborative and finally influential leadership.
The board also discussed the similar system which has been set up to evaluate teachers, but with four standards instead of seven. At the end of the meeting, the board went into executive session to discuss the evaluation of the superintendent.
It was also suggested that more discussion might be needed on the subject at next month’s meeting, which might be held in the high school library due to the school board room being the receptacle for all the presents for families in the Christmas drive.
The location will be noted on the school district’s website before next month’s meeting.
Story & photo by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor