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Another New Tenant for the Districts of Taylor Mill, New Fire Chief Takes Over

John Stager was introduced as the new Taylor Mill Fire Chief at the City Commission meeting on Tuesday night.

Stager has been a firefighter since 1998 and gained his paramedic licences in 2002. His father was on hand to pin Stager as chief. All of the Taylor Mill Fire Department staff are both firefighters and paramedics. The dual duties allows the City to save money by combining their responsibilities of the staff.

The Taylor Mill City Commission had a first reading of the ordinance to adopt the new city property tax rate of .421 percent. Payments of Taylor Mill residents will be due December 1 and will be considered delinquent if collected after December 31. The taxes are used to fund the city's general fund which includes paying city employees, maintaining city buildings and property, and paying for city services such as salting roads and snow removal.

Mayor Dan Bell said that Taylor Mill went over $100,000 in their salt budget in 2013 due to the heavy snowfall the area experienced last winter. Jill Bailey said that the city had to purchase salt from as far as Chicago to compensate for the salt shortage a year ago. City officials intend on having a special meeting in the next few weeks for the second reading on the issue so residents have ample time to pay their taxes.

There was another first reading of an ordinance for a new waste management contract that will increase the rate for residents from $125 to $130 per collection unit per month. The new contract will be good for a three-year span.

“We've been very lucky on waste collection the last three years on the price we got,” Bell said. “It's been as good as any city in Kenton County.”

City Commissioner Ed Kuehne was reappointed to the board of the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Council of Governments. The appointment is good for a one-year term. Kuehne volunteered to those on hand that he is against potential tolls for the Brent Spence Bridge.

A maintenance garage the City uses to store and repair its vehicles experienced a structural failure brought on by the storage of salt in a barn that is adjacent to the garage. Apparently the salt became diluted from rain and washed up against the garage, eroding the concrete of the foundation of the structure and causing it to fail. The insurance company that covers the garage denied the claim for needed repairs, citing that if the structure had fallen over it would be covered, but not if it remained standing. The Ford Development Company agreed to fix the foundation for $17,850. The City Commission approved emergency funds to repair the garage.

The Golf Exchange will house their corporate and retail office in the Hollan Rosen Development. The company will use 2,500 square feet with eight employees on the second floor.

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

Photo: Districts of Taylor Mill/RCN file