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Creationists Take to Billboards: "You Can't Sink This Ship"

Some new billboards are popping up in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati courtesy of the Creation Museum as it embarks upon the development of an amusement park dedicated to Noah's Ark in Grant County.

To all of our intolerant liberal friends: Thank God you can't sink this ship.

That's the message on the billboards which went up over the weekend in our area, as well as near the officers of the Courier-Journal in Louisville, the Herald-Leader in Lexington, and the State Journal in Frankfort, because those publications have spread "misinformation" about the park, according to Answers in Genesis, the organization behind the museum and the so-called Ark Park.

The final billboard is a 15-second digital board that will go live Tuesday morning in New York City’s Times Square and will run through December 29. This digital video board will give 672 spots per day during the busy holiday season at this bustling square, when NYC receives its highest volume of foot and vehicle traffic. In all, this outdoor effort is expected to deliver more than 20 million impressions, according to AiG.

The organization took to its blog to counter criticism of its perceived hiring practices and possible tax incentives for the Ark Park from the Commonwealth.

-Staff report

Photo via Answers in Genesis