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Bellevue-Dayton Firefighters & Medics Show Up Just in Time to Deliver Baby!

A medic unit at the Bellevue-Dayton Fire Department got a call that a woman was possibly in labor.

When the crew arrived at the Bellevue home, they determined that not only was the woman in labor, the baby was just about to arrive.

A fire engine joined the ambulance crew and the five guys successfully delivered the baby.

Mother and child were safely transported to Mercy Anderson Hospital and both are doing well. 

At this week's meeting of the Bellevue-Dayton Fire Board, the crew was honored for their work. Captain Jim Richmond, who was also part of the group of five to deliver the baby, wrote a letter of commendation for his crew that included Brian Boyers, Mike Gullett, Jeremy Lynn, and Robert Duke.

The men received a stork pin to wear on their lapels.

"With all the other stuff we do, it's not too often the guys get to see a baby take its first breath," Richmond said.

-Staff report

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