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Ludlow Schools Review Their Report Cards

The Ludlow Independent School Board reviewed the results of the report card showing how the schools are doing in reading and math Thursday night at the regular school board meeting. The report focused on the delivery targets for the elementary, middle, and high school, and while the elementary and middle school did not make their target goal, they came close, and the high school achieved its goal.
The delivery target deals with the amount of students who test in the distinguished and proficient levels. For reading and math combined, the elementary school had a goal of 47 percent, and scored 38.2 percent. The middle school had a goal of 47 percent and just missed that with a 46 percent. The high school surpassed their goal of 51.4 percent by scoring a 52 percent.
In reading alone, the elementary school had a goal of 48.8 percent and scored 41.6, while the middle school again came close to the goal of 52.2 percent with a 51.6, and the high school surpassed the goal of 60 percent with a 64.5.
“I believe that the kids are closing the gap,” said Jason Steffen, Principal at Mary A. Goetz elementary school. “The longer we work with the kids the better the numbers are.”
The graduation rates showed good news, also. The state graduation rate is 88 percent, and Ludlow has a rate of 94.8, well above the state’s average. The board and Superintendent Michael Borchers were pleased with the news.
Borchers gave a report on the financial state of the district, saying that there is about $1 million in the general fund, a nice balance to have this time of year. He added that the taxes collected will still be reflected in January’s numbers, and the motor vehicle tax is over 50 percent collected.
In other business, the board approved a matching grant from the state for an amount of $6900. The district will match the funds and they will be spent replacing some of the computers in the labs and technology throughout the district.
Travis Caudill, Principal of Ludlow High School, gave a report of his part of the Comprehensive School Improvement plan, and then Steffen gave his report. Both told of six goals for each that have been put in place to improve proficiency and increase college and career readiness for the students.
Finally, a change to the budget for the renovation of the high school was given. Borchers said this was one of the final change orders and it will end up saving the district $3,835 total.
The board went into executive session to discuss and deliver the results of the Superintendent’s evaluation.