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Change in Dayton: New Mayor, Council Sworn In

The new mayor and city council took their oaths of office Saturday afternoon in front of a crowd of family and friends at the Bellevue-Dayton Firehouse.

Virgil Boruske is elevated from his seat as city councilman to mayor and will be joined by a city council that includes (in order of votes) Ben Baker, Joe Neary, Joey Tucker, Bill Burns, Denny Lynn, and Jerry Gifford. 

The new council represents a shift in leadership. Boruske defeated longtime incumbent Mayor Ken Rankle in November, while Burns and Gifford are the only members of the previous council to be part of the new one. Baker, Neary, Tucker, and Lynn (a former fire chief), are all holding office for the first time.

"We're planning on working hard," Mayor Boruske said after taking the oath which was given by Judge Greg Popovich. "We're going to work on the industrial park, the central business district, and shoring up the police department."

After several years of contention at the city building (and the Board of Education building where the council now meets), Boruske thinks the new council will work well together. "I think it's a crew that's gonna get up and work hard," he said. The mayor added that Lynn will lead the finance committee after spending decades working on budgets in the fire department), that Tucker, with his background in youth sports, would lead recreation, and Baker would be a strong proponent for Main Street initiatives. 

From left to right: Baker, Tucker, Lynn, Popovich, Boruske, Neary, Burns, and Gifford

"I'm looking forward to working together, working to be better neighbors with the other River Cities, and a revitalized Main Street," Baker said. 

Story & photos by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News