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Pro-Bridge Coalition Looks to Louisville & Believes Similar Job Growth Would Happen Here

The following is an article submitted by Build Our New Bridge Now:
Construction of bridges across the Ohio River, linking Louisville with Southern Indiana, is creating new business investment and jobs in that region.
This is further evidence that failing to move forward on construction of a new Brent Spence Bridge in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati – which carries both Interstates 75 and 71 across the Ohio River – means our community is missing job growth and investment opportunities that could boost the local economy.
The Louisville Courier-Journal is reporting that construction of the new East End Bridge in Louisville is leading to growth at a Southern Indiana business park:
River Ridge Commerce Center is uniquely positioned to see more growth from construction of the nearby East End bridge, one of two being built under the $2.3 billion Ohio River Bridges Project.
The potential at River Ridge — which will be minutes from Prospect, Ky., once the bridge is completed — is "expansive," said Wendy Dant-Chesser, chief executive officer for One Southern Indiana, the chamber of commerce for Floyd and Clark counties.
"With approximately 6,000 acres and easy access to Interstates 65, 64 and 71, the Port of Indiana (Jeffersonville), the UPS Worldport and the Louisville International Airport, it is simply one of the most desirable locations in the nation for companies who want to build new facilities," she said.
Investing in infrastructure not only makes our bridges and highways safer while reducing gridlock, but it is also an investment in creating jobs like those being developed at the Louisville-area business park.
According to Building America’s Future, a bipartisan coalition of elected officials promoting investment in the nation’s failing transportation system, every $1 spent on infrastructure spurs economic activity, raising the level of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by $1.59.
In Louisville, construction crews are now placing the steel stay cables that will provide the support between the river’s crossing deck and towers of the span being built between downtown Louisville and Southern Indiana. Read the Business First story here.
The leader of the regional coalition advocating for the Covington-Cincinnati bridge project said that moving forward with the Brent Spence Bridge project will generate similar job growth and construction activity in our region.
More than three-fourths of the one million jobs in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati region are within five miles of Interstate 75, said Matt Davis, director of the Build Our New Bridge Now Coalition, a broad-based partnership of businesses, government leaders, community groups, and individuals advocating for the bridge’s replacement. 
Davis added that the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) estimates that building a new bridge will create between 30,000 to 80,000 new jobs, including the construction jobs to build the bridge and the jobs that will result from increased economic development activity.
“If our interstate traffic network fails, existing companies will leave the region and new companies will not locate here,” Davis said. “A failed transportation system will discourage economic investment in our community, especially those companies who rely upon the interstate system to deliver goods and services.
“Companies will not stay or locate in an area where they are not able to receive or deliver goods and services to customers in a timely fashion,” he said.
From Build Our New Bridge Now
Photo: Brent Spence Bridge as seen from the Radisson Hotel in Covington/RCN file
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