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New TANK Route Coming to Kenton Co. in January

Lloyd High School, the Kenton County Library ­ Erlanger branch, the Erlanger Kroger, the L’Oreal plant in Elsmere. These are just some of the destinations that a new Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) bus route will drop riders come January.
TANK has announced that next month the new route #10, serving Erlanger and Elsmere, will begin service. The route will only run on weekdays during morning and evening commute times.
TANK service to Garvey Rd. in Elsmere stopped over a decade ago, but now, TANK officials say, residents of the suburb have been requesting it be reinstated.
“After receiving the request, TANK went through a process of meeting with stakeholders, including the Erlanger­-Elsmere Local Schools, city staff and elected officials from Elsmere and Erlanger, Kenton County Fiscal Court, and residents from the cities, to identify the primary needs for transit in the community,” said TANK General Manager, Andrew Aiello.
The route will run an out­and­back pattern between Commonwealth Ave. in Erlanger to New Buffington Rd. in Elsmere, serving these primary destinations:
Commonwealth, near Dixie Highway
­ Lloyd High School
­ Baptist Village of Northern Kentucky on Riggs Rd.
­ Riggs Rd.
­ Kenton County Library, on Kenton Lands Rd.
­ Erlanger Kroger
­ Dixie Highway
The route will also pass near Dixie Heights High School, although the route will not pass by it directly.
The new route is intended to provide local service only, and will not provide a new connection between these communities and the urban core. Those connections are already provided primarily by the 18X, 19X, and 33 routes. Route 10 service in Erlanger and Elsmere will begin Jan. 5.
-Pat LaFleur, RCN contributor