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Santa Joins the Bellevue-Dayton Fire Department in Delivering Gifts to Kids

Santa Claus made a surprise early visit to several families in Bellevue and Dayton on Tuesday night.

The Bellevue-Dayton Fire Department continued its tradition of giving that dates back eighteen years. Residents Steve and Rochelle Hensley throw a party where guests are asked to bring a toy, and then those toys are bagged up and prepared for kids identified with the help of local Dayton and Bellevue school resource officers.

Then, the department, with the help of the Ladies' Auzillary, gathers baskets of food so that the families can prepare a holiday meal.

This year, fourteen families and fifty kids were visited by the department and their friend, Santa.

"It's gotten pretty big," Captain jim Richmond said. "We've gotten to the point now, we carry a spare bag of extra toys. Sometimes an extra kid might be present."

The River City News tagged along with the members of IAFF Local 3751 and Santa and watched as the families were delighted to see their special guest.

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