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Mayor Fires Dayton Police Chief

One day after presiding over his first city council meeting, Mayor Virgil Boruske has fired Dayton Police Chief Scott O'Brien.

"Our philosophies are different on what policing should be in small communities," Boruske told The River City News. The new mayor, elected in November, said that he disagreed with the way the city was covered, more heavily in the mornings and lightly in the evenings, he said. Boruske also said that this decision was not in haste.

"This is well-thought out," Boruske said. "I felt like it was time and I thought this would be a good time to do it."

The River City News is working to contact O'Brien on the decision. The chief was recently featured prominently in a story about the local One To One reading program and he also recently coordinated the heroin blitz on I-471 in November.

Sgt. Tony Baldwin will serve as interim chief, Boruske said. The next chief will be hired from outside the department and a candidate has already been identified, the mayor said. 

Members of council were notified of Boruske's plans prior to Wednesday's termination and the mayor said that he received little pushback. 

Upon his victory in November over longtime Mayor Ken Rankle, Boruske said he would "straighten up the police department" and he reiterated that statement at the current council's swearing-in ceremony in December.

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Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Scott O'Brien reads to a local student/RCN file