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In Ludlow, Another Brewery is Poking Around & Police Officer Saves Woman's Life

Ludlow Police Officer Ian Eads received the Department Citation Award for his judgement and insight on July 26, when he prevented an extremely intoxicated woman from going home, having her taken to the hospital instead.

“Officer Eads recognized the seriousness of the situation, and although he was a brand new officer, he acted like a veteran,” said Lt. Bart Beck, who presented the award and is now the acting police chief since Steve Jarvis vacated the position last month. “Officer Eads showed decision-making skills that brought great credit to himself and the Ludlow Police Department.”

While working the Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club detail at 2 a.m., Officer Eads was approached by a man in the parking lot who informed him that the woman was drunk and that he was going to drive her home. Eads then assessed the situation and determined that she needed medical attention.

Meanwhile, Ludlow has targeted July 1 as the time they will hire a new Police Chief, according to City Administrator Elishia Chamberlain and she is confident the city will be happy 

“I expect us to have a slate of excellent candidates,” Chamberlain said.

Brewery poking around

An unnamed brewery was discussed at the meeting when Tom Amann expressed his concern that there were two other nearby cities that had become candidates to land the business. Ms. Chamberlain explained that the owner of this business was expected to visit the sites and make a determination of where he or she would like to open their brewery. Amann then suggested that each member of City Council as well as Mayor Ken Wynn greet this person and express their desire to have their business in Ludlow. City officials would not name the other potential sites.

“With something as big as this, I think as many Council people that could meet with this person flying in should show them that we really want to have their business here in Ludlow,” Councilman Amann said.

Residential stickers may be discontinued

The city stickers that Ludlow has issued to its residents for their vehicles is in question whether the program will continue next year. Chamberlain pointed out the administrative strain the stickers had on city staff in December when the deadline for residents to obtain them had arrived. Mayor Ken Wynn thought it best to perhaps not to carry on with the city stickers, citing that the enforcement of them also effected the workload of the police department.

“We really need to think about that,” Wynn said. “We can adjust it to where we can just get rid of the stickers completely.”

Radio icon & Hamilton Co. Auditor attends council meeting

Mayor Ken Wynn composed the various city committees with the three new City Council members—Dan Ashcraft, Michelle Cartwright and Bill Whitely—now in the fold. Amanns was paired with Ashcraft as the Finance Committee, Whitely and Josh Boone now make up the Public Works Committee, and the Safety Committee is Cartwright and Bill Mullins.

Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes attended the meeting in Ludlow to support his friend Councilman Ashcraft.

“Dusty is an old friend of mine, we've worked together on many radio stations throughout the years and he came to show his support and I appreciate that. Thank you, Dusty,” Ashcraft said.

Public forum proposed to discuss heroin

Tom Ammans felt the city needed to show more concern about heroin after 10 overdoses, two of which resulted in deaths, last month in Ludlow. He suggested a public forum be held on the issue.     

Story & photo by Bryan Burke, associate editor - Follow The River City News on Facebook, Twitter, or email us!

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