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Appreciation Month: Bellevue Superintendent Salutes School Board

School is back in session for the second semester and the hallways of Bellevue High School and Grandview Elementary School are alive with activity. There isn’t much that is more rewarding as a superintendent than to see our students engaged in student life. Yes, academics are a priority, but there is so much more to ensuring the maturation of our young people. School safety, comfortable environments, and nutritious lunches are but a few of those pieces. What happens behind the scenes to ensure these pieces is as important as what happens on the front line of teaching.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be the superintendent of schools. I have the most enviable charge of ensuring that the hundreds of pieces of our school district all work in unison. Could I do it alone? Not a chance. I am humbled by the many employees who devote their days to the betterment of our students’ lives. From cafeteria to classroom, from custodian to counselor, it takes all of us to provide the type of environment that fosters both emotional and intellectual growth.

There is another piece of our school district that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We have five elected members of the board of education who merit bundles of praise for their commitment to Bellevue Independent Schools. These five people – Dan Swope, Dan Sparks, Vanessa Groneck, Julia Fischer, and Jenny Hazeres – spend countless hours, including training and seminars, dedicated to the students of Bellevue.

The question, “How does this benefit our kids?” frames every discussion and decision made by our board of education. As thoughtful citizens of our great city, they are meticulous in their approach, knowing they represent you and our students. I am proud to sit around the table with them.

January is School Board Appreciation Month, so I ask you to please join me in celebrating those who pledge time, energy, and emotion to positively impact our youth. There is no greater promise than to dedicate support for the next generation of Tigers, and tangentially, our city.

Thank you, school board. I appreciate you.

Robb Smith is the superintendent of Bellevue Independent Schools