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Any Renovations to Dayton Schools Will Likely Have to Be Minor

The Dayton School district held the second of their meetings for the state mandated facility plan Tuesday evening, and even though more information was gathered, there was not a lot to decide.
"Most of the meeting consisted of a presentation by Joe Nance, from Ross, Sinclair, and Associates, who gave a financial picture of the district for the next 15 to 20 years," said Ehmet Hayes, architect for many school districts in Northern Kentucky from Ft. Mitchell and facilitator for the meetings. "What it amounts to is that the district has about $975,000 in bonding capacity."
Ron Kinmon, Director of Student Services, attempted to clarify the explanation.
"It is not a poor rating, it is okay, but to put it in perspective, the renovations we did at Lincoln elementary cost $1.7 million," said Kinmon. "Whatever we put out as projects has to be fundable in four years."
Though no project was decided on, both Hayes and Kinmon believe that any plans for the elementary, the high school, or ancillary facilities will have to be relatively minor.
"We are thinking that improvements could be made in systems that are fairly nuts and bolts," said Hayes. "The security systems, like lighting, video, and roof and fire alarms and such, could be expanded and upgraded, and we need to make sure the heating and air conditioning is adequate for the future."
Kinmon said although every district has to have a facility plan, the smaller districts are different than the larger ones.
"There is a different dynamic when you have several high schools and several elementaries and middle schools," he explained. "Usually they are competing for any renovations and repairs to be allotted to their school. Here we are like a family­­­. We don't have an individual agenda. We want what is best for the district."
All of the information collected at the meeting has to be sent to the state Board of Education. No date was set for another meeting since the state Board has to respond to the information. Once a date for a meeting is set it has to be advertised so that anyone who would like to be present at the public forum following the meeting can arrange to be there. No one has come to either of the public forums following the meetings.
The local planning committee is made up of a representative of the planning and zoning office, one school board member, two principals, one central office representative, two teachers and a parent from each school.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor