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Covington Design Studio to Host Calligraphy Workshops

On January 31, Covington design studio Durham Brand & Co. will host the first of two calligraphy workshops led by DAAP graduate and Chicago-based letterer, designer, and calligrapher, Jenna Blazevich. Blazevich, who studied fashion and graphic design at the University of Cincinnati, has been working professionally as a calligrapher for two and a half years and says her decision to bring some workshops to the Cincinnati area was inspired by the strong DIY/artist community here.

“It’s so inspiring to be in a city where creative people are building incredibly successful experiences, bands, collectives, and events from the ground up,” said Blazevich. “I’m so excited to contribute to this community and teach everyone some new skills that they can hopefully apply to their other work in some way.”

Blazevich has previously taught public and private workshops in Chicago and Denver and plans to teach in at least five to seven more cities this year. The workshops on January 31 and February 1 will be her first in this area and include three hours of instruction on calligraphy and modern brush lettering styles, snacks, drinks, dessert, and a calligraphy kit which attendees can use and take home at the end of the workshop in a screen-printed tote bag. Cincinnati-based company Social Design & Events has helped Blazevich organize and plan the event.

Blazevich says she is lucky to using the new Durham Brand & Co. space on Pike Street and credits DB&Co. founder Austin Dunbar, who she met while working at Powerhouse Factories in 2010, for helping her grow as an entrepreneur.

“Austin and I have stayed in contact over the years and he has been endlessly helpful and generous with advice on freelancing, side projects, studio spaces, and running a business,” said Blazevich. “I’m so lucky to be using his new space and I hope the exposure to the studio works positively for him.”

The workshops will be held from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. on January 31 and February 1 at Dunbar’s studio at 2 West Pike Street. All available spots for these first two courses are filled, but Blazevich plans to return in a few months to offer a second round of workshops. With the end of the month quickly approaching, Blazevich says she is excited about her visit and having an opportunity to teach new students and meet new people.

“I love sharing the art of writing by hand with anyone who is interested in learning,” she said. “I’d love to see the students use their new skills to send more mail!”

- Story by Jerod Theobald, managing editor/Image provided

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