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Condo Developers Sue Bellevue

The Ackerman Group, the developers behind the Harbor Greene development along the city’s riverfront, is suing the city for breach of contract after the Planning and Zoning Commission voted last year to deny the developer’s proposal to alter their initially approved proposal and develop part of the property to include a high­-end apartment complex, alongside the already completed condos at Water’s Edge.
The original proposal included condos only. The city council upheld the planning & zoning committee's decision.
The Harbor Greene development has a long history of amendments and alterations, beginning back in 2002, which originally saw sixty-­three condo units proposed, spread across five mid-­rise residential buildings. In 2004 the plans were adjusted to include the construction of 108 condos in three buildings along with a seven-­story office building and two restaurant pads.
The final change to include over 100 apartment units was first proposed in 2011 and finalized in 2012, as a reaction to changes in the local housing market.
Citing the city’s newly adopted strict form-based code, as well as possible strain on Bellevue’s traffic infrastructure, what some claimed would be a fundamental change in the character of Bellevue’s riverfront, and a disbelief in the notion that the condo­ market would not bounce back quickly, the committee rejected the proposal entirely.
According to information provided to The River City News last spring by City Administrator Keith Spoelker, the city stood to gain financially from the project as an apartment development, to the tune of over $4 million.
Now, as Spoelker feared last spring, the city has been handed a lawsuit instead.
Because the city is insured with the Kentucky League of Cities, as part of their agreement, KLC will be providing legal representation in the case.
When asked for more detail, Spoelker could not comment more specifically on the case, as it is currently open.
Written by Pat LaFleur, RCN contributor
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