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Ludlow Board Members Sworn In, Preliminary Budget Approved

Three members of the Ludlow School board were officially sworn in for their new term at the beginning of the regular meeting Thursday night. Steve Chapman, Amy Hayden, and Bill McMillen raised their hands and swore that they have not engaged in a duel, among other things, while Superintendent Michael Borchers read the oath. This was followed by the nomination of officers. Amy Hayden succeeded Bill McMillen as President of the school board, Kym King was selected as vice president, Jenny McMillen is secretary and Vikki Wofford is the treasurer.
This is National School Board month and Superintendent Borchers wrote a letter to his board listing the programs they have approved and set in motion at the schools, and praising them for their devotion and commitment.
"So if you see any of the members of the school board out at a school function or event, take a moment to say thank you," he stated in his letter.
The board approved the preliminary draft of the 2015­2016 budget. Borchers said last year's budget was $6,261,900, and the new budget is $6,367,900, a difference of $106,000. The difference is made up of step increases in salaries, the new mandated raise in salaries of 2 percent, and an increase in the KTRS, which is the retirement system for certified employees.
Meeting dates for the regular school board meetings were also approved predominantly for the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm with the exception of March when the meeting will be held the third Wednesday of the month instead.
The board discussed options of how to solve traffic problems around the school campus in the morning and Borchers said he would talk to the city officials about the problem. He also said he would talk to the city about reinstating the community news which has been discontinued and the school has depended on to get information to the residents of Ludlow.
Paul Miller, from Circus Mojo, came to the board to ask for help in compiling information about students at Ludlow who might also attend his facility. He would like to know if participating in activities at Circus Mojo would help improve scores at school. The board agreed to help compile numbers without putting names with the numbers to see if the activities would help the students.
Story & photo by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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