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Traffic on Route 8 Won't Be Addressed for At Least Another Year

Anyone who has driven along KY Route 8 in Newport, Bellevue, and Dayton knows how congested the corridor becomes around rush hour. Now with more housing being brought into those river cities with projects like Manhattan Harbor and the Newport on the Levee-adjacent project, some residents have wondered whether the area can handle an influx of even more traffic.

Rob Hans, Chief District Engineer of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet – District 6, has good news and bad news for residents in those areas who commute along Route 8.

The bad news is that there are no plans to solve the congestion dilemma in the short term.

“Currently there are no projects in the six-year highway plan for any changes, improvements or modifications of KY Route 8/Fairfield Avenue corridor,” Hans said. “Of course with the future build out of the Manhattan Harbor and other developments in the Dayton area, traffic volumes are projected to increase. We will have to evaluate at the appropriate time what modifications to the current physical roadway structure could possibly occur to help alleviate some traffic congestion. There are no active projects for any improvement to the KY 8 corridor through Bellevue and Dayton and Newport. We do have the KY 9 project that is currently in the highway plan, one section is under construction on the West side of I-471 that will tie in to Route 8, but nothing currently is in our highway plan for the East side of I-471.”

The good news, though, is that next year, the Cabinet will talk with the cities in question to hear about the concerns those communities have with their transportation flow. Hans and his department will consider those concerns and then make recommendations to the Kentucky Legislature at the next highway plan discussion scheduled to take place at the 2016 Legislative Session.

“I oversee District 6 which is the Northern Kentucky district. We have the eleven northern Kentucky counties, so we will be making recommendations to be considered in the next highway plan," Hans said. "The legislature will then ultimately decide what projects are in the highway plan. In the next sixth months or so, we will be looking and meeting with all of our communities in different counties as to what their project needs are. We will have discussions with the City of Bellevue, the City of Dayton, and the City of Newport on their desires for highway/roadway improvements and KY Route 8 may be considered for future highway projects.”

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor