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Ken Rechtin's Another Voice: How Much is Too Much?

A feature of this weekly column is a section that I call Survey Says, akin to Family Feud.
So, last week’s Survey Says86% of those respondents who declared themselves Republican felt that Congressman Massie is doing an excellent job! Interestingly, 54% of those professing to be Democrats also felt that the Congressman is doing an excellent job!
So what about other people who the respondents preferred for the job?  The Republican responders, who did not feel Massie is doing an excellent job, liked the following 
in order of preference: Trey Grayson, Alecia Webb Edgington, Gary Moore, and Steve Pendery
The Republicans also wrote in: Rob Sanders and Kevin Murphy.
The Democrats who preferred another person other than Massie, liked in order of preference: Trey Grayson, Alecia Webb Edgington, Steve Pendery, Gary Moore, and Kris Knocklemann. The “write-ins” for the Democrats included: Mike Hammons and... Ken Rechtin.
Thanks to all who responded. Now onto this week’s column...
I promise you that Another Voice will not be like other political columns. In this edition we will be playing the “numbers” game. Let’s see how much you know about NKY (remember NKY is the abbreviation for Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties only). 
See how many correct answers you can get!
1.) The population of the City of Cincinnati according to the 2010 Census:
A.) 396,950
B.) 296,950
C.) 525,350
D.) 215,375
2.) The population of NKY according to the 2010 Census:
A.) 368,867
B.) 298,867
C.) 515,250
D.) 168,867
3.) The number of library locations in NKY**:
A.) 3
B.) 6
C.) 9
D.) 12
4.) The number of men (there are no women) who serve the NKY community as “Fire Chief”***:
A.) 35
B.) 25
C.) 15
D.) 10
5.) The number of public school superintendents in NKY****:
A.) 10
B.) 11
C.) 12
D.) 15
6.) The number of elected officials in NKY:
A.) 419
B.) 394
C.) 219
D.) 119
7.) The number of cities in NKY*****:
A.) 7
B.) 17
C.) 27
D.) 37
8.) The number of NKY special districts (with taxing authority)*****:
A.) 19
B.) 20
C.) 40
D.) 30
9.) The number of jails in NKY:
A.) 20
B.) 10
C.) 5
D.) 3
10.) The number of constables (What’s a constable do anyway?!) in NKY:
A.) 15
B.) 10
C.) 9
D.) 12
Answers: 1.)B, 2.)A, 3.)D, 4.)A, 5.)D, 6.)B, 7.)D, 8.)C, 9.)D, and 10.)C
So, be honest, did you do? 
0 to 4 correct........Pay more attention to your government!
5 to 7 correct........You know more than most folks!
8 to 10 correct......You have earned the title of political geek!
Do any of these numbers surprise you?
What do we need more of? What do we need less of? Is there something that we lack? As a taxpayer, are you satisfied? How much does this cost us? Do we need all of these political subdivisions? Could we do more with less?! Do fewer departments/independent school districts/cities/counties mean we could offer better service to our citizens? 
Does anyone compare the cost of services in each of the cities or counties? 
Is Florence more or less efficient than Newport? Is Boone more efficient than Campbell? Who is studying this and what have they found?
In addition to cities and counties, NKY hosts many other organizations which have impact on our region. Some of these organizations include: The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce (NKY Chamber), the Northern Kentucky Tri-County Economic Development Corporation (NKY Tri-ED), Vision 2015, Southbank Partners, the Catalytic Fund, Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission (NKCAC), and the Kentucky Career Center. Ever wonder what they do, how much they cost us, and who governs them?
There are even more listed in the survey this week!
Please go to my survey: click here and take the “How much is enough” survey. Results will be posted in a future column.
** Libraries’ websites
*** N. Ky. Fire Association’s Website
**** Based on the number of school public taxing districts according to the Kentucky Department of Revenue’s website
***** Vision 2015 website
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