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Huntington Won't Sell Ludlow Property to Another Bank, Mayor Says

Ludlow City Council discussed the former Huntington Bank building on Elm Street during its caucus meeting Thursday.

City leaders want see the space used again after the bank closed locations in Ludlow and Florence at the end of last year. Mayor Ken Wynn said that the property's real estate agent told him that Huntington would not sell to another bank.  Wynn also said the community wants an ATM but that he cannot get a contact with Huntington.

Councilman Dan Ashcraft pointed out how banks now favor installing larger ATM's that can perform more banking tasks than what is standard rather than open additional full branches. He was not optimistic another bank would even be interested in expanding to Ludlow.

Councilwoman Michelle Cartwright floated the idea of a public library in the bank, but City Administrator Elishia Chamberlain thought the Kenton County Public Library also was not currently in position to open another branch.

Caucus meetings should have an agenda, councilman says

As is customary, there was no agenda at Thursday's caucus meeting. Agendas are typically available at all legislative meetings.

That was the first point brought up at the meeting by Councilman Tom Amann who suggested that while the meetings are still largely a discussion, an agenda of topics may promote more residents to attend the meetings.

“I think if we had a brief outline, this is what's going to be discussed, it could be a good thing,” Amanns said.

Amann also suggested using City Park along Route 8 for more events due to the success of the Ludlow Sesquicentennial Anniversary Celebration which was held there last August. He said there is a whiffle ball tournament scheduled there for October 10 where there will be family and competitive divisions, followed by a bonfire.

He was also interested in exploring ways to obtain new storefront signs for the Ludlow business district similar to what Covington did when it was awarded $50,000 in a National Endowments for the Arts (NEA) Our Town grant for brand new signs as part of the CoSign Project.

Lastly Amann suggested clearing out some of the trees and brush along the riverbanks in order to have a better view of the water, especially once the Riverfront Commons project which will begin in March.

“We're a river city that can't see the river,” he said about Ludlow.

Clean-up day proposed

Both Mr. Ashcraft and Councilman Josh Boone had issue with the trash along the city's streets and allies. Ashcraft called the litter appalling and suggested a citywide clean-up day in the spring. Mr. Amann cited a lack of public trash cans as a particular issue with the litter. Mr. Boone took issue with the allies calling them atrocious. Ideas for a solution included a possible increase in fines and enforcement and looking into the possibility of raising the asphalt that is there and making the alleyways green with grass.

Charity event

Councilman Bill Mullins talked about the Isaiah House Ministries food distribution monthly event which provides food to those in need. The next event is Saturday, January 31 at St. Elizabeth Covington. Registration begins at 8 a.m. that morning.

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

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