SQUARE1 Names Two Local Business Leaders to Board

This morning, Covington-based entrepreneurial education and business accelerator services company, announced it has added two local business leaders to its board. The first, Dan Groneck, is the Northern Kentucky Market President for US Bank and is involved in various charitable and fundraising activities across the region. Additionally, Groneck also serves on the St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, the NKU Dean of Business Advisory Council, and the Baker Hunt & Cultural Foundation.

"Dan brings a wealth of connections throughout the community along with extensive experience overseeing not-for profit organizations," said Keith Schneider, president and founder of SQUARE1. "I am excited to have Dan's leadership and community persepctive as we start a new phase of SQUARE1."

The other new board member is Rodney Swope who is the director of the Minority Business Accelerator (MBA) at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. As the director of the MBA, Swope advises businesses on formation, parnerships, alliances, and structural commercial transactions while advocating for economic inclusion, accelerating business growth and wealth creation.

"Rodney is a connector and is driven to help our communities excel," said SQUARE1 treasurer and Director at Allos Ventures Dov Rosenberg.

In addition to naming Groneck and Swope to its board, SQUARE1 also announced the compan is seeking people with ideas for new businesses to participate in their training and mentorship programs. Programs are set to launch at Xavier University's Center for Innovation, at bioLOGIC in Covington, as well as several other sites throughout the region.

"We have a fantastic network of supporters, mentors, and innovators ready to engage these hopeful entrepreneurs", says Schneider.  "The region has so many organizations and people poised to assist new startups.  We want to work at the top of the funnel to help validate ideas, identify resources, and get these hopeful entrepreneurs engaged."  

With the simple goal of accelerating the creation of startups in the region, SQUARE1 hopes to foster and support more local companies and give them the tools they need to compete for spots at local accelerators, present for funding from investors and community programs, and create more jobs and opportunities in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky community.  Whether it is someone slogging away at a Fortune 500 or a stay-at-home-mom who's identified an unmet market need, anyone with an idea can start at SQUARE1!

SQUARE1 provides idea stage assistance and access to startup friendly resources through a startup training series and online resources, while bringing clarity and connection to the fantastic startup community growing in Cincinnati. 

For more information, companies can sign up at http://startatsquare1.com/.    


SQUARE1, Inc. is an entrepreneurial education and business accelerator services company providing resources to a broad range of individuals interested in turning ideas and research into business startups.  The mission is to work collaboratively to grow the ecosystem that supports their efforts.  This revolves around educational opportunities and the optimization of resources to better support individuals seeking to improve their personal situations or contribute to the growth of our community through new business creation.

- Staff report