Improvements Made to Covington Kroger After Vegetable Shortage

The Kroger store on Madison Avenue saw a small upgrade this week.

After posting a sign in front of a barren produce section that the supply was affected by cold weather out west, the Cincinnati-based corporation replaced the shelves upon which its fresh vegetables are displayed (see photo above) and increased its selection.

"The store just received brand new racking and cases this week and we were able to add thirty new varieties of produce, fifteen of those organic," said Rachael Betzler, a Kroger spokesperson, in an email. 

On Sunday and throughout the week, multiple readers reported to The River City News that there was no or limited produce available for purchase at the Madison Avenue location.

The regular supply has mostly returned in addition to the new varieties. "Yes, we were having shortages due to the cold weather out west, but we are back on track this week and only variety lettuces are still affected," Betzler said. Red lead and green leaf lettuce are still not fully restored, she said.

The Covington store was not completely without fresh produce while switching out the new cases this week," Betzler said. "They had many of the varieties under the bagged salad area in refrigeration so customers could still get the product they wanted during the new case switch-out."

On Thursday, employees at the store were also wearing new uniforms consisting of white button-up shirts and black vests.

In August, the location promised upgrades and management said it would start with cleaning the floors. Two years ago, after rumors of a major renovation, Kroger shot down any suggestion that there were plans to overhaul the outdated location that lacks many of the amenities offered at nearly every other local Kroger store, such as self check-out lanes.

The desire for a new or better grocery store in Downtown Covington is a frequent topic of conversation on social media, but experts have argued that the area could not support what some residents have called for.

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