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Third Suspect Arrested After Man is Killed in South Covington

A third suspect is now behind bars in connection to the shooting death of a South Covington man.

Charles Lewis Knox, 20, was arrested by Covington Police late Tuesday morning. He is believed to be the man who drove the getaway car after Delaun Hayes and Simeon McKinnie allegedly robbed and killed Ronnie Ray Hudson at Hudson's Hands Pike home.

Hayes and McKinnie are both behind bars, too.

According to details learned by The River City News, Hayes and McKinnie intended to rob Hudson during an attempt to purchase a large amount of marijuana, while Knox waited in a car on a nearby street.

When shots rang out and Hudson was killed and another man severely wounded, Hayes and McKinnie fled on foot and were picked up by Knox.

Knox is charged with murder, first degree assault, and first degree robbery. He is being held on $50,000 bond and will appear in court on Wednesday morning.

Investigators do not currently have anymore active warrants related to the Hands Pike murder.

-Staff report

Photo: Charles Knox via Kenton Co. Detention Center

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