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Bellevue Schools Seek Upgrades to Technology, Explore Possibility of New Central Office

The Bellevue School Board reviewed the preliminary draft of next year's budget at its regular board meeting last Wednesday night. Superintendent Robb Smith declared that the district is in very good shape, and the budget will begin with $2,110, 000, and end next year with $2,400,000.
"This means that we are fiscally responsible and we are not just spending money without thinking," he said. "We have a contingency fund of 8.5 to 9 percent at $635,000, which is very good."
Because of the good financial state, the district plans to put over twice the amount of money into the upgrade of the infrastructure of the school technology beginning this summer.
"We usually can only put about $50,000 into keeping up our technology," explained Smith. "We want to be able to put about $125,000 into the infrastructure to put us at the top of the line."
The district had bought property adjacent to Grandview elementary last spring, and had Robert Ehmet Hayes walk through it to determine what if anything could be done to turn it into the new Central Offices for the district. Hayes recommended tearing the building down and starting over, so the board is consulting with the Bellevue fire department to see whether they would like to use the house for training exercises before it is destroyed. Smith said that as a vacant lot the property will very likely sit empty for a few years before the district decides what to do with it. As of this year, the district has a $350,000 bonding potential, but Smith said that will grow as the district pays off their debt.
The board approved all the requests for fundraisers and field trips, including the senior class's trip to Chicago as their senior class trip. They also approved next year's school schedule as beginning on August 10 for the teachers, and August 12 for the students, and ending on May 20.
Finally, board member Vanessa Groneck was elected to serve as board president, and Julie Fischer was elected to serve as vice president of the board.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Top photo: Bellevue High students honored at the January 28, 2015 Board of Education Meeting for Discipline and Attendance. Front row:  Skylar Mullis, Nia Montgomery, Jada Reynolds, Jasmine Bricking. Back row:  Mr. Smith, Superintendent, Mr. Eckstein, Principal, Todd Manser, DJ Bricking, Assistant Principal, Mr. Pelgen
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Grandview Elementary School January 2015 Students of the Month honored for Discipline and Attendance. First row: Ashley Moreland, Chloe Meyers, Wyatt Bundy, Kinzley Rardin. Second row, Mr. Smith, Superintendent, Owen Williams, Mr. Fuller, Principal, Mrs. Franzen, Assistant Principal Not pictured: Mykalah Gaskins, Daniel Florence and Ella Henry.