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Connecting with Babies is Goal of Bellevue School Board

Bellevue Independent School District is looking to connect with prospective students earlier than ever.

The New Tiger Welcome Program is coordinated by Board of Education member Julia Webb Fischer, whose undergraduate and graduate degrees are in early childhood education.

Please contact her at [email protected] or call the Bellevue Board of Education Office at 859.261.2108 to register (parent’s name, name and birth date of baby, phone number and address) to receive a special gift bag for the newborn. The Welcome Bag will contain important information regarding infant and toddler development and brochures about the district's monthly Cradle Program and its three and four-year old preschool program. 
In addition, the bag will contain a very unique gift just for new “little tigers” and a few other surprises!
In a news release, the Bellevue Board of Education said that it firmly believes in an early partnership with parents and looks forward to delivering congratulations and a warm welcome to the newest little tigers.
-Staff report