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She Bought a Lottery Ticket in Villa Hills on a Whim, and is Now $1 Million Richer

Patricia Pearson is Kentucky's newest millionaire.

The Villa Hills woman went to the AmeriStop Food Mart to check on a couple of old lottery tickets she found while cleaning her house last week. Turns out, she won $4 on them.

Pearson decided to reinvest her winnings, and picked up one Mega Millions and one Powerball ticket.

That one Powerball play won her $1 million.

Pearson didn’t have that “eureka” moment many lottery winners have when they discover they’ve won – instead she learned she may be the winner after a phone call. When lottery officials went to the AmeriStop Food Mart in Villa Hills to execute security procedures after the drawing, they watched the surveillance video of the purchase with store manager Paul Gabis. After watching the video several times, Gabis realized he knew the winner.

“At first I thought he was calling because I’d been trying to sell my condo for the past year and had a sign up at the store,” Pearson said. “I thought he was calling to tell me to take it down. Instead, Paul said, ‘You won the lottery!’”. He then asked her to read the numbers on her ticket. The first five numbers matched, and then she gave him the Powerball number which was 26. “That’s when Paul told me I’d won a million dollars.”

Patricia is pictured with Paul.

From the Kentucky Lottery