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Photos: Inside Covington's Historic Boone Block Building - Which is About to Become Townhomes

A sprawling historic building will soon be renovated to become nine upscale townhomes -- but before that work begins in earnest, The River City News got to go inside.

The Boone Block building on Scott Boulevard in Downtown Covington is currently home to a liquor store and a barber shop but nothing else. Historically, it was home to prominent lawyers and politicians like Governor William Goebel and Senator John W. Stevenson. 

Next, in a partnership between the Depenbrock family (which owns DEP's and Dick's Liquor) and Tony Kreutzjans of Orleans Development, the massive building will be transformed into nine three-level townhomes.

Seriously interested potential buyers got a sneak peek inside the building on Friday evening and the project is such an impressive one that a reservation was taken on one of the units.

Inside, some rooms appeared to have been untouched for more than four or five decades. There were newspapers form the 1970s, an old trench coat that appeared to be frozen in time, and other pieces of the past when people may have lived inside. 

Though a modern makeover is in store for the building, there will be much to preserve, too. These nine townhomes will be among some of the most unique living quarters in the region.

Interested parties can contact Huff real estate agents Rebecca Weber (859.468.2544) and Joy Amann (859.409.9370) to learn more.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

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