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One Injured When Train Strikes Vehicle in Ryland Heights

A woman was transported to the hospital Tuesday morning after her vehicle was struck by a train in Ryland Heights.

Kenton County Police report that the collision took place at the railroad crossing on Wild Lake Drive in the Ryland Lakes Country Club. Linda Whiteker drover her 2006 Toyota RAV4 appears to have driven into the crossing without seeing an approaching train, a news release said. 

The train struck the RAV4, and Whitaker, 53, suffered minor injuries. The train's conductor and engineer were not injured. 

The intersection was closed for approximately two hours while emergency responders worked and cleared the scene. 

The railroad crossing where this collision occurred is marked by a standard railroad crossing "crossbuck" sign. There are no lights or gates at this crossing. "This collision serves as a reminder that, before crossing any railroad tracks, drivers should carefully look both ways in order to visually confirm that no train is coming," said Kenton County Police spokesman Andrew Schierberg in a news release. "Not all crossings are marked by lights or gates, and even when they are, looking both directions before crossing remains the safest choice when approaching a railroad crossing."

-Staff report