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Dozens Sought in Covington Drug Trafficking Investigation

Nearly twenty are in custody and dozens more are wanted as the Covington Police executes a city-wide drug trafficking investigation Thursday.

The investigation has been ongoing for the past four months led by the Covington Police Department's D-Team which worked undercover to substantiate complaints of drug activity in the city. Police Chief Spike Jones said that tips and cooperation from residents prompted the department's actions.

“The message from Covington’s residents and police officers is loud and clear; if you’re selling illegal drugs you are not welcome in Covington! Get the hell out of our city or go to jail," said Chief Spike Jones. “We are truly blessed to have such an engaged and supportive community as our partners in creating a safer Covington for everyone. I can’t thank our citizens enough for their assistance in this decisive public safety operation.”

A total of 53 individuals are targeted in this investigation and as of 5:30 p.m., 18 were in custody.

Though the operation was all over the city, Jones told The River City News that the main focus of the investigation was around "The Triangle", an area around Ninth, Main, and Pike Streets between Mainstrasse Village and Downtown. The suspects include many repeat offenders, the chief said, "Some of which are pretty dangerous players with prior charges of weapons and assaults on police officers, and robberies, those sorts of things."

Police have been searching for the suspects since noon with the assistance of the Kentucky Division of Probation and Parole, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Kentucky State Police, Kenton County Sheriff Charles Korzenborn, Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders, and Kenton County Jailer Terry Carl.

"The great majority of these arrests are derived from members of our community who have put their foot down and said they have had enough," Jones said. Meanwhile, the Kentucky State Police worked the highways in search of suspects who Jones characterized as using Covington as "a shooting gallery for heroin activity".

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Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

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