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Program for Dads & Students Launched in Bellevue Where Creativity is Celebrated this Month

February is the month for creativity at Bellevue Independent Schools and one student from each class was recognized Wednesday night at the regular school board meeting for thinking differently and being creative in different subjects. Principals from both schools announced the names of the students who came up and received a certificate and had their picture taken with Superintendent Robb Smith.
In other business, Smith proposed the reconfiguring of the grades in the two schools, Grandview Elementary and Bellevue High School, making Grandview contain preschool through grade five, and Bellevue High School grades 6 through 12. This will enable the creation of a middle school next year. The board approved the proposal.
The board also approved next year's school schedule, with students starting school on August 12 and ending school on May 19.
The board agreed to accept the bid from the King and Sons Inc in the amount of $14,500 to demolish the property at 400 Grandview Avenue.
The bid also included $300 for sewer termination. There is no date for the demolition of the building on the property yet.
Elementary school principal David Fuller told the board about a program called WatchDogs which they will begin on Thursday nights. The 'dogs' is an acronym standing for Dads Of Great Students, and the evening activities will begin with pizza for dads, grandpas, and uncles of students, while other activities will include a speaker and things that adults and children can do together. The object of the program is to provide positive male role models for the students. The adults will receive a tee shirt proclaiming the acronym.
Janis Winbigler, Director of Support Services, announced that the new website is up and running, but organizers were still working out the inevitable few glitches in the system. She also told the board the update to the computer networking system is still in the works, and she would have more news for them next month.
Finally, City Councilman Ryan Salzman, the liaison between the City of Bellevue and the school board,reported that relations between the city and the school board have never been better. He commended the board members on making an effort to be at the city council meetings, and said the council members were happy that they came.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: Creativity awards at Grandview Elementary went to Kaylee Simmons, Hunter McClanahan, Cheyenne Daugherty, Kailah Johnson, Jeffrey Bishop, Alana Wilhite, Heaven McRoy, and Sam Cleves/RCN
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At Bellevue High School the creativity awards went to Brooke Bridewell, Ben Cope, Jude Cope, Tristan Day, Carrie Fitch, and Meggie Wissman.