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More Teachers Being Added to Dayton Schools

Dayton Independent Schools revealed their site-based allocations Wednesday night at the regular school board meeting.
Superintendent Jay Brewer announced that Lincoln Elementary will get two new teachers next year who will be assigned to the most strategic places to keep numbers lower in classrooms.
"I am super excited about being able to assign more staff," said Brewer. "This is the first time in two years we could do this. We had to cut a half million dollars from the budget a few years ago, and finally we can do something to put it back. We have increased enrollment and that means increased revenue, which is why we can do this."
Dayton High School will receive a business teacher and a registrar, which was high on their list of needs.
"A lot of the previous cuts came from the Central Office, but we all felt the cuts," Brewer said. "I would say this is definitely a turning point for us."
The District Facility Plan was unveiled Wednesday night, and Brewer acknowledged that although there is over $16 million in needs within the plan, the district only has about $900,000 in bonding potential, so there is a possibility of the school district sitting on the plans for another couple of years to pay down loans and increase their bonding potential.
Ehmet Hayes was approved by the board to act as Hearing Officer for the Public Hearing on the Facility Plan.
"We have to communicate what our needs are to the state," explained Brewer. "We have to throw it all out there so that we can keep it open. For instance, if down the road we know we will need a new auditorium, we have to put it in the plan, instead of in a few years coming into some money and suddenly saying we need a new auditorium, and everyone wondering, where did that come from. This way we can list it even though it might never get done."
The board approved an amended school schedule for this year due to the snow, and the students will attend school till the last Friday in May, and the teachers will go three more days the following week in June. They also approved the schedule for next year, which Brewer says is virtually identical to this year's schedule.
Greg Duty, the principal of Lincoln Elementary, gave an update on the One to One reading program, saying the school now has 46 students participating, which is the most in any one school in Northern Kentucky. Three teachers talked about the Reading 180 program and how important it is to start the program in the elementary school to help with the transition to middle school, and possibly to extend the program into the ninth grade as well.
Several students were honored at the beginning of the meeting as students of the month, and they were all awarded a certificate and had their picture taken with their principal and Superintendent Brewer. In addition, Joey Feltner was the artist of the month, Elizabeth Masminster was named the athlete of the month, and Steve Ackerson was the employee of the month.
Dayton High School students honored included: Sophia Halfhill, Abby Coleman, Tamara Rogers, Aspyn Thomas, James Prince, and MacKenzie Watson. 
Lincoln Elementary students honored included: Michael Matlock, Leana Tucker, Zoey Elsen-Bacis, Matthew Oder, Livia Robinson, Logan Turner, Adrianne Kaylor, Brianna Trent, Amyti Stephens, Max Simpson, Jose Sanchez, Kessara Martin, Caaron Poelinitz, George Simon, Landon Graham, Tristan Jones, Ryeli Mastruserio, MacKenzie King, and Learia Agueras. 
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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