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Hey, Northern Kentucky: Get Through This Snow and You'll Deserve Next Week's Weather

Yes, there is new, fresh snow on the ground and yes it has become a rather tiresome stretch of weather, but if next week is any indication we may just be out of the woods!

First -- what we're dealing with now is snow on the ground but only the slight possibility of a little more in the forecast over the next seven days. It's very cold and we may drop to minus-2 degrees on Thursday night. It will be cold still on Friday with a high near 27 but with a wind chill that could make it feel like it's below zero out. 

On Saturday, we creep up to 39 degrees for a high but the National Weather Service warns that there is a slight chance for snow showers in the morning.

By Sunday, we really start to improve with partly cloudy skies and a high near 41.

Then on Monday, we're mostly sunny with a high near 46, mostly sunny again on Tuesday with a high near 52, and we stay mostly sunny on Wednesday, too, with a high all the way near 55. 

So, yeah, we have fresh snow on the ground but there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel!

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Photo via Kids Learn