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The New Playground at Goebel Park Will Be Sweet

It was almost one year ago exactly that a pair of then-eleven year old twins went to Covington City Hall and asked that some of the federal funds awarded each year to the city be allocated toward improving Goebel Park in Mainstrasse Village.

Adam and Rowan Weckman returned to City Hall on Tuesday, a year older and even more committed to their project, as the city commission voted to award more than $93,000 for new playground equipment at the park. A lot has happened in the year since Make Goebel Great launched and with the coming arrival of a new place for city children to play, even more change lies ahead.

"This will be a huge win for all of Covington. The economic return will be huge on this park project," said Emily Wolff, mother of the twins, and one of the organizers of the park revitalization effort. She and her husband, Paul Weckman, own Otto's, a popular cafe on Main Street, which will soon be joined by the pair's newest restaurant, also on Main Street.

Make Goebel Great started with Wolff visiting every residence in Mainstrasse and then organizing community clean-up and paint days. The effort began to be awarded small grants, the twins scored more cash when they won a Cincy Sundaes pitch competition, it hosted a community concert that attracted 500 people and introduced the city to goats that will eventually graze there, and the work earned the twins a community leader award and the rest of the group much to brag about at the end of 2014.

Though Mainstrasse Village is Covington's top entertainment destination, the neighborhood park had long been neglected. Founded in 1906 by the brother of slain Governor and Covington native William Goebel, the park is home to the city's iconic Carroll Chimes Bell Tower but the rest of its infrastructure had mostly been used by the homeless.

The new playground will offer play equipment for children of all ages and will be installed by Alliance, Ohio-based David Williams & Associates. 

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

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