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With Departure of Director, Ludlow Restructures Public Works

There are some changes in store for the Ludlow Public Works Department.

Former Public Works Foreman John Knuf resigned on February 27 and the City has used his departure as a catalyst to restructure the department.

“Mr. Knuf's departure was unfortunate on timing with us not necessarily being out of the woods with winter and snow events, but our staff pulled together and did an excellent job with snow removal for the winter weather events occurring the first week of March,” Ludlow City Administrator Elishia Chamberlain wrote in an email. “Though unfortunate, it was a catalyst to begin making the changes the mayor, council, and myself had been discussing”

One of those changes was to make Rob Begnoche the new foreman. Begnoche has been with the City of Ludlow for several years, handling much of the labor management in Public Works, and has been promoted from within. Chamberlain said that Begnoche has a full understanding of the direction in which Ludlow plans to move to improve its parks as well as city-owned and vacant properties, and that he will be implementing projects from the labor side.

The City now also has a Public Works Project Manager, Patrick Walkenhorst, who comes to Ludlow from the private sector with a degree in construction management and a history of construction and project management. Walkenhorst's primary focus will be handling the administration, but he will also spend time performing labor as well. He will also evaluate cost and cost savings for the department and each project.

The two department heads will work together to ensure that the Public Works Department is working to its full potential to help the City move forward in its revitalization efforts, Chamberlain said.

-Bryan Burke, associate editor