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He Appeared on NBC's "The Voice". Now See Him in Covington.

Texas soul singer Luke Wade from Season 7 of NBC's Emmy Award-winning music competition The Voice will perform at the Madison Theater in Covington on April 9 as part of his Northeast Tour.

Wade and his band No Civilians are touring the country, hitting 19 cities in 21 days where Wade is bringing his high-energy style of music to his fans. He said that life on the road is still exciting for him and his band after doing it for 11 years.

“The funny thing about doing what you love is that for every day foryou that is draining, you will have one that recharges you and makes you ready for whatever else is going to be thrown at you,” Wade said.

He recently joined the world-famous Patti LaBelle at the Dream Marches On concert at Alabama State University to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March for civil rights.

He will release the second single from his album The River on April 6 which is titled “As Long As She Knows”. Wade says that his music explores the space between folk and soul and that he plans to play his original music from both of his full-length albums, Tomorrow's Ghosts and The River as well as unreleased music on the second leg of his tour.

His family was a creative inspiration to him in Dublin, Texas where Wade was surrounded by creative people. His mother and father are both artists and his brother plays saxophone in his band, and he credits having that sort of inspiration around him growing up as part of the reason for his musical success. One of his highlights was his experience on The Voice, where he learned a lot about what it takes to be a professional in the business.

“It was a whole lot of crazy in a very short period of time. I got to be mentored by some of the best people in the business and I got to be around the level of professionalism in music and entertainment that I hadn't been exposed to before,” he said about appearing on The Voice. “It was a game-changer to see what is required of you to create the kind of content that people expect, so I'm trying to carry that forward and play at great venues like the Madison Theater.”

His stop in Covington is part of his Northeast tour which will be his first visit to Northern Kentucky. After the tour, he will have a week off before undertaking another swing through the West Coast.

“We are going to do another big tour on the West Coast so it will be rinse and repeat throughout the whole summer,” he said.

His concert at The Madison Theater is April 9 and tickets are available from $12-$50.

“I am not familiar with the area, but I look forward to being enlightened,” Wade said about his tour date in Covington. 

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Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

Photo: Luke Wade (provided)