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Lift One to Braxton: Brewery Debuts Its Space in Downtown Covington

"Lift one to life."

That's the slogan of Braxton Brewing Company which opened its doors for the first time Wednesday evening in a packed soft opening at the Seventh Street building in Downtown Covington the upstart brewery just finished renovating.

Tons of visitors lifted to life and to Braxton, 51 weeks after the family-owned business decided to locate in the former Covington Arts building, CEO Jake Rouse said. He and his father Greg Rouse, his brother Evan Rouse, and brewmaster Richard Dube took the stage to welcome the crowd and to unveil a new mural created in the space by Camp Springs-based Neltner Small Batch.

The image features Greg and Evan who started to brew together in their family garage, and then an eagle, the brewery's symbol, soaring towards an "optimistic Covington", Jake Rouse said.

Braxton will open its doors to the public on Friday evening in an indoor-outdoor affair that already has more than 1,700 RSVPs to its Facebook invitation. The buzz around Braxton has been strong since its announcement last year. It set a record for the amount of money raised by a brewer on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. 

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-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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