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After Alleged Burglary, Gun Found in Devou Park

A man is behind bars after an alleged burglary near Devou Park and the discovery of a stolen gun in the woods late Thursday morning.

Terry Cooper, 39, is charged with second degree burglary and violation of an emergency protective order (EPO).

According to scanner traffic late Thursday, Cooper fled the scene of a burglary but was later captured in Devou Park. Officers were photographed by The River City News scouring the nearby woods close to Prisoners Lake searching for something.

Scanner traffic later revealed that a gun had been recovered. Covington Police Chief Spike Jones told The River City News that the gun had been stolen from the house and that the alleged burglary stemmed from a domestic dispute.

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-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Terry Cooper via Kenton Co. Detention Center, scene of the search in Devou Park (RCN)

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