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Lincoln Elementary Celebrates State Test Achievement; Dayton Seniors Argue for Graduation Cap Decoration

Lincoln Elementary principal Greg Duty and assistant principal Heather Dragan proudly announced Wednesday night that their school scored "proficient" in state assessments. The announcement was made at the regular meeting of the Dayton Board of Education.

Thanks to an outcry from state superintendents, the Commissioner of Education, Dr. Terry Holliday recently issued new guidelines for schools, stating that the goal of 67.2 was the benchmark to surpass to achieve proficient status. This goal is set for the next five years. Duty said that in 2010 Lincoln elementary was in the 13th percentile, and now is at 67.5, which means the school is doing its job well.

"I am so proud of the staff, and so proud for the community," said Duty. "We are not finished yet. ­­­Every single little thing you do helps."

Dual credit at Gateway

Superintendent Jay Brewer asked the board for a line item of $30,000 for juniors and seniors at Dayton High School to attend Gateway Community & Techincal College classes that will serve as dual credit for those students who qualify. Brewer researched the other schools that are involved in this project and projected the cost of instituting the college core courses at about $1,500 per student per year.

High school principal Jeremy Dodd said that ACT scores are not in yet but he hopes that they will have 20 to 25 students who qualify for the courses. The students who qualify will be transported to the Gateway urban campus in Covington. With college costs running high, this is a opportunity for high school students to achieve 24 hours of college credit before they graduate from high school.

"This is a good way to motivate students at a young age," said Brewer. "Some of the students could qualify for the Mary Jo Young scholarship, too which will help with costs."

The board approved the line item amount. They also approved a request for $25,457 in additional capital funds due to an increase in ADA, or average daily attendance numbers.

Robotics team shows off

The board was treated to a performance by a grade school team of two students who competed in the Northern Kentucky Robotics Tournament held at Crossroads Elementary in Campbell County. The team came in fourth out of 38 teams and qualified to go to the state competition held at Rupp Arena on March 26. The two students, Larry Metz, 10, and Ben Chenot, 9, showed the board and the audience how they maneuvered their robots around a course designed to look like a course on Mars, and completed the mission within the required time. Ed Long, who instructs gifted and talented students at the school, said this team was one of seven who competed but with a score of 214 was the only team he coaches that scored high enough to make the cut to go on to state. The assistant coach is Tim Chenot.

Seniors argue for decorating graduation caps

Two high school students, Drew Ann Akerson, 18, and Kayla Wilson, 17, came to the board to plead the case of decorating their graduation caps. They showed slides stating the case for decorating, and the guidelines they would set up so that no one would take advantage of the decorating ability. Brewer said that this is a gray area, and there are no policies saying students were not allowed to decorate the caps, and he would like the input of the board on the matter.

Ultimately the decision will have to be made by Brewer and Principal Dodd, but Brewer said he appreciated the well thought out presentation by the students.

Born Learning

Several families were honored at the meeting for attending six sessions of the Born Learning academy workshop, which encourages the everyday teaching of children from birth onward. The sessions begin with a family dinner type of gathering, then the adults are separated from the children to receive the same kind of message as to how to communicate.


Students of the month were also honored at the meeting. In addition, the athlete of the month was Matt Grimme and the artist of the month was Colin Fiedler. Employee of the month was Heather Dragan, Assistant Principal at Lincoln Elementary.


Jay Brewer also announced that the food service is attempting to do all their own cooking next year, which will require about $85,000 to $90,000 in equipment.

Brittany Howell announced that the daycare is full, and wanted to remind people that preschool information and registration night is April 15, from 5 to 7 pm at Lincoln elementary. She also said that even though Northern Kentucky did not get the grant they were hoping for late last year, they have partnered with Children, Inc so that they can offer options to serve all of Dayton's three and four-­year ­olds next year.

Story & photos by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Top photo: Larry Mertz, 10 and Ben Chenot, 9, maneuver the robot to complete the task course designed by the University of Cincinnati engineering department.

Slideshow Images & Captions: 
Coach Ed Long helps Larry Mertz, 10, and Ben Chenot, 9, set up their Lego robotics for the presentation to the Dayton board of education.