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Yahoo!: Best Chinese Restaurant in Kentucky? Covington's AmerAsia

Yahoo! listed the best Chinese restaurant in every state and when it came time to pick Kentucky's, the reporter looked to Covington.

Kung Food Chu's AmerAsia on Madison Avenue is listed as the Bluegrass State's finest choice for Chinese cuisine. The restaurant, which is about to expand to add more seats and whose owner will soon appear in Cincinnati's version of Dancing With The Stars, is always packed at lunch and dinner.

For its report on the best Chinese restaurant in every state, Yahoo! used data and reviews from Yelp and had this to say about AmerAsia:

Don’t be surprised to see Amerasia’s chef Rich Chu touring the dining room with a glass of beer and drinking a toast to each diner until his glass is empty. You’ll toast him right back after scarfing down his “Kung Food.” You’ll also want to keep that glass full throughout the meal. Amerasia’s broad, “eclectic” mix of craft beers and rotating taps separate it from most other Chinese restaurants in the country. Kung fu posters on the walls and classic martial arts and monster movies on the TV add to the fun and funky atmosphere. Oh yes, there’s also the food. Dragon Breath Wontons, “great” egg rolls, How Fun Noodles, Mongolian beef, Pork Get in Mah Belly, General’s Sesame Street Chicken, Brocco-Lee and Big Bird’s Nest get strong Yelp shout outs. Chef Chu also respects spice levels. If you ask for heat, you’ll get heat.

AmerAsia rated four stars out of 200 reviews.

Check out the full story at Yahoo!

Photo: Johnny Chu welcomes the new sign at AmerAsia/RCN file