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Kenton County Police Pull April Fool's Day Prank with Drone Report

The Kenton County Police turned some heads on Wednesday with an April Fool's Day post on the department's Facebook page.

The police uploaded an image of a drone with the following message:

In an effort to increase our ability to efficiently handle speeding complaints, we are excited to announce the deployment of the SpeedSwarm Ultimate. The SpeedSwarm is a remote controlled flying radar device that is capable of end-to-end speeding enforcement. Controlled from KCPD headquarters by a special police officer (recruited at a gamers convention), the SpeedSwarm uses the latest LiDAR technology to register the speed of a vehicle. Using an onboard LPR camera, it then photographs the license plate and automatically checks the vehicle registration. Once the SpeedSwarm locates and identifies a speeding vehicle, a smaller and completely autonomous camera drone flies into place to photograph the driver. This photograph and the registration information are then transmitted to a flying printer that chases the car down, flashes bright red and blue LED lights within the driver's view, prints a citation, and carefully affixes the citation to the upper driver's side corner of the front windshield using an adhesive compound that can withstand speeds of up to 90 miles per hour but is easily removed by the driver once they have stopped. One SpeedSwarm device can be paired with multiple camera and printer drones to improve efficiency in an interstate highway setting. This device will greatly improve our efficiency and increase safety. Typical traffic stops place the officer and speeder in harms way as other vehicles pass, by eliminating the need for a stop, the SpeedSwarm should increase safety for the public and for our officers and hopefully reduce speed-related crashes.

After the post received more than 100 shares on the social media site, the police department fessed up:

We've had our April Fools fun for the day. We don't have any SpeedSwarms or any other drones for that matter. What we do have are police officers who are dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of Kenton County each and every day (and maybe a few office pranksters too). We hope you enjoyed our little joke and all of the others that are floating around the internet today! From time to time we like to post things on Facebook that are entertaining since most of what we post is so serious and sometimes, quite frankly depressing. Thanks to all who laughed along with us, and for those who took us seriously, sorry to have duped you but hopefully you are laughing along now.

What do you think of the joke? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter, or email!

Photo via KCPD

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